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Black Dossier: The masses are not ready!

Posted by oldmanjones on 2007.11.15 at 20:27
This is probably moot because this community doesn't get a lot of activity, but I'm going to make this mod declaration anyway: Because of the release (finally!) of The Black Dossier I'm going to ask that any posts about it have their required spoiler warnings and lj-cuts. Let's not pollute any minds that aren't ready yet. I'll make another post after a reasonable time that will end the moratorium.

As for myself, I have skimmed TBD but not read it yet. My first impression: disturbing and delicious.

A different sort of League...

Posted by oldmanjones on 2007.05.26 at 15:46
I stumbled across a new RPG on GreatestJournal this week. I'm not sure that I'll have time to take part, but I like the idea and it may strike the fancy of anyone else reading this comm. It's called Bedlam and you can find it here. It's an AU DC Comics game set in 1851. Check it out!

Black Dossier news?

Posted by oldmanjones on 2007.05.26 at 15:38
Just a general shout-out here to see if anyone has more current information on the release of the Black Dossier. Wildstorm lists the release date here as October 24, 2007. Must we wait so long?

New Victoriana Wiki

Posted by oldmanjones on 2007.04.10 at 23:03
For those of you who like you League with tea, crumpets, and an un-sun-settable British Empire a new wiki project on the Victorian Era has been started. It looks like this is just getting off of the ground, so check it out here.

Love LXG, but finding the fanbase to RP with..

Posted by tosheii on 2007.03.27 at 22:52
Is downright impossible. I was at this great RP that was a dream come true on GJ a month or two ago and get this, there were 15-20 players and nothing happened.

And then it's as though there's a line between some of the the comic-fans and the movie-fans. The link under this post is a comic-verse role play, by the looks of it.

My friend and I have an idea for an LXG rp that is movie-based and is directly after the first film. But will anyone bite? The much-loved Dorian is deceased and my friend and I more or less want to keep him dead. Quartermain is obviously returning, but eh.

And then, there's the issue with the permitted characters. I was going to flat-out ban made ups, so people could only app LXG movie, LXG comic (though they may need to make adjustments), period characters from comics, movies, and books. Then there is the question: does one allow the historical figures?

I've seen Mata Hatari played elsewhere, briefly, and it seemed all right.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions and stuff, I'm here to hear whatever you've got.

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1969 orlando
Posted by rolando8 on 2007.03.16 at 10:28
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There's a LoEG RPG that needs some more members! It needs a Professor Challenger, an Allan Quatermain and a Mina Murray. Here it is.


Posted by oldmanjones on 2007.03.15 at 08:05
The great Jess Nevins (ratmmjess) has an article on "mashups", a mini-history and taxonomy of crossovers. LoEG is mentioned alongside the "Justice League of Luchadors".

Check it out.

Who's in your League? -- Challenge

Posted by oldmanjones on 2007.03.12 at 23:33
I'll sometimes play the little intellectual exercise of putting together a League (that is, a team of diverse, usually fictional characters) working under certain guidelines (eras, genres, etc.). So, as my first post to the comm, I'll throw this one out:

Who's in your modern League?

The Rules: Create a list of 4-8 characters that could be part of a 2007 League. The characters must be alive and operational today: If their book series takes place in a magical past or they were killed in last week's episode, they don't count. Other than that stipulation, you have all of fiction with to play. Have at!

1969 orlando


Posted by rolando8 on 2007.03.11 at 16:49
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What do you think of Orlando?

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