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polly, lily cole, st trinian's, christianity
Posted by rolando8 on 2009.07.22 at 00:16
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Oh. My. God.

I discovered, through a post on [info]watchmen_lulz, an online game called Thule Trail where you control up to five people going to a music festival. Since the results were funny and Watchmen-themed, I decided to play the game using all the member of the Second Murray League.


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Watchmen 7" Single Box Set... looks rad

Posted by saturnkid13 on 2009.03.20 at 15:50
Hey everyone,

Have you all seen how stunning the 7" single box set from the Watchmen score is?  Its fantastic, and a true must have for any fans of the film.  You should all check it out:


Vol. III Preview!

Posted by oldmanjones on 2009.02.06 at 20:45
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PREVIEWS has posted a, well, preview for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Century: 1910. Check it out!

1969 orlando

Caption competition! Your chance to be funny!

Posted by rolando8 on 2008.10.14 at 23:11
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OK, I wanted to make this community more fun, so I came up with this... (warning: here be penises)


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1969 orlando

If you like Orlando...

Posted by rolando8 on 2008.09.09 at 15:24
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...You may like this this community, dedicated to Virginia Woolf's character, Orlando! I'm a member, and it's a bit lonely, this community. Anyway, would you like to join it? Thanks.


League on ifanboy.com

Posted by oldmanjones on 2008.03.16 at 18:25
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The ifanboy.com video podcast did a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen episode a few weeks ago. It includes a pretty good interview with Kevin O'Neill.

Watch it here!

Posted by oldmanjones on 2008.02.01 at 20:47
Well, I wouldn't say it's been a reasonable amount of time (I meant to post this over a month ago), but I'm officially lifting the ban on posting Black Dossier spoilers. Chat away!

1969 orlando

Have a Merry Christmas and a LoEG New Year!

Posted by rolando8 on 2007.12.13 at 19:10
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Today, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier arrived at my house; a man brought it there. My mother ordered it for me from Amazon.com and I've been waiting for it for about one or two years -- I wanted it badly! Now I have my first Christmas present under my tree.

Black Dossier annotations

Posted by oldmanjones on 2007.11.17 at 15:29
Jess Nevins (ratmmjess) has his annotation of The Black Dossier online.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Enjoy falling down that rabbit hole of references.

1969 orlando

Icons of Orlando!

Posted by rolando8 on 2007.11.16 at 22:22
Current Location: Sunbury
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Current Music: Music from Doctor Dolittle

A long time ago (perhaps last year) I wanted to have an icon/userpic of Orlando. I searched for them, but to no avail. Then, today, I thought, 'Why not make my own Orlando icons?' So I did:

1. Orlando looking sexy. Need I say more? 2.A 'nude' picture of Orlando. I you want to know what I mean, read the descriptions of my icons on The Yellow Sub. 3.A picture of Orlando with text.

You can use these icons as long as you credit me and where I'm from (eg, 'My beautiful userpic was created by someone from LiveJournal whose name was Rolando8'). You can also edit them, eg add words to one of my icons. Enjoy!




PS. These pictures are by Kevin O'Neill. I just chopped 'em down to Userpic size!

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